STECO stands for STT-PLN English Community. It's built by some students of STT-PLN since September 24th 2012.

Aims :
1. Channeling the interest and talent of Students in English
2. Improving the English ability of members
3. Spreading habitual of English around Campus area
4. Increasing the English interest of Academic Community who are not the members
5. Preparing members to be delegates of campus in Regional, National, and International  English Competition level

Vision :
Producing members of STECO who capable in English, theoretically and pracitically.

Mission :
1. Serving facilities to learn English for members
2. Holding the training of Speech, Debate, Scrabble and other things regularly in order to shaping abilty of members in English
3. Following some English competitions

Logo :


Founders :
Indaraputuri Nurmasruri, Yudha Mpm Laksono, M Ikhsan Setiawan and many more.

Chiefs :
1. The first Chief : Irfan Zidny (January 2013 to May 2014)*