Speech delegation for ALSA E Challenge UNPAD 2014

This is the first competition we followed

Debate delegation for ALSA E Challenge UNPAD 2014

This is the first competition we followed...

Debate delegation for PGDDC UI 2014

This is the second competition we followed

SDIE Workshop

This is Annual Workshop special for New Members

Sunday, March 30, 2014

STECO already had legalized its own AD / ART

on Saturday, March 29th 2014, STECO held a council / meeting named as "Sidang Pembahasan dan Pengesahan AD/ART STECO". This council placed in Room 205, STT-PLN Campus. Starting from 8 a.m to 4 p.m this council was run and attended by at least 15 council participants and more than 15 council observers coming from non active members and delegations from Student executive board (BEM). 

This council was led by Presidium I, II, and III. Presidium I was The Chief of STECO (Irfan Zidny), Presidium II was The Secretary of STECO (Indyah P. W), and Presidium III was The Treasurer of STECO (Jean Pappin Jr.). But after break for lunch, Presidium II replaced by Mr. Jean Pappin and Presidium III replaced by Mr. Vitagi Daiva P. till the end of the council.

Situation of council was so formal, and many interruptions coming from the council participants in every single Chapter and Clause discussed. It's a good sign that can show the result of this council could be very good. Because of many ideas, critics, suggestions, and ideology put in this "AD/ART".

After this AD/ART was agreed till the last chapter and clause, it's printed out and Presidium I signed and legalized the AD/ART and it will be signed and legalized also by the Advisor Lecturer after the council. 

By legalizing this AD/ART, hope that STECO will be run in stable for the future. 

Some of the documentations when Presidium signing and legalizing the AD/ART :

Monday, March 10, 2014

2 teams from STECO follow PetroGas Days Debate Competition UI 2014

PetroGas Days Debate Competition (PGDDC) is the second competition followed by STECO in the  name of “STT-PLN” and supported by ministry of education of BEM KBM STT-PLN, it was held on  March 8th-9th 2014 organized by Teknik Kimia UI. Using British parliamentary system and the high prize make this competition followed by some Debaters from prestigious University across Nation which has many experiences.

Before compete in this competition, all delegates  (Irfan Zidny 201211040 & M Dedi Irawan 201311208; Ilham Nur Ahadi 201311172 & Jean Pappin Junior 201211113) followed intensive training held by STECO in order to improve skills and learn about British Parliamentary System that we never used before in regular meeting. Then the result is good enough to be known. There were 4 preliminary rounds, STT-PLN A achieved 2nd place(2 points) in 3th and 4th Round where STT-PLN B achieved 3rd place(1 points) in 2nd and 4th round. Therefore it makes us can’t break to pre-semifinal round. Hope always better result you will get next time.
Jakarta,  March 10th 2014


2014 is the first year of STECO (STT-PLN English Community) follow some competition. At least STECO will follow 2 competition this year. Supported by BEM KBM STT-PLN and Ministry of Education BEM KBM STT-PLN makes easier condition for STECO to follow those competition. The first competition  followed is ALSA English Challenge UNPAD 2014. No need to wait anymore, STECO send one speech delegation and one debate team delegation.

Delegation of STT-PLN for ALSA English Challenge 2014 Speech competition held by UNPAD on 28th Feb-03March 2014, Randa Ramana (2013-11-252) break to the Big 5  finalists from 20 Varsity Participants across Nation. 

And Debate Delegation, Vitagi Daiva Putra (2012-11-137), Irfan Zidny (2012-11-040)  and M Naufal Abdul Haris (2013-11-167) achieved 2 victory points against PNJ and ALSA LC Univ. Jendral Soedirman. With this 2 VP point in preliminary round, STT-PLN stayed on 29th stage from 52 University across Nation. 
This is a GOOD NEWS for the first time competition, for the first time experience!
Hope always a better news you will get further time.

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Jakarta, 10th March 2014
STT-PLN English Community